Thursday, January 31, 2008

I wanted
to be like him
For I thought
He's beautiful,
full of red apples
so tempting.
Your eyes --
so tempting.
But then I realize
I dont want to be
a mirror of him
for he doesnt deserve me.
The love I can give,
It's he who cant afford.
The life I can offer,
It's he who couldnt have.
For atlast, for once
I realize, Im better,
have to get out
of his shadow
and push him far away
wherever I want him to go.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I break down
As I see
How much of a loser
I could be.

I did things
the right way
Right enough
to lead me astray.

My mistakes -
I value them
But I die
everytime I...
Thou said with pearls.
Like pearls in the mud
In thy mouth I saw them
So sad i cannot touch them.

If my heart hast been touched,
Then thine could've been too
For by the eyes we look
And by that, we talk.
we do it in the dark..
no time to smile, my heart wont lie..
everytime i see you pass by,
everything else were forgotten..
like an angel in the blazing fire,
you came to me.. like a dawn through the night..
then, you might - - -

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dear God,
Arouse not my heart for it is sacred and fragile, fleeting as it is by nature, easily stirred by the captor.
Save me, O Highest, from feeling of falling to contain my heart, permit not from those finite beings.

***a gm of my frend :) ***

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Cashback is an independent movie directed by Sean Ellis. Oh my, I swear I love this movie! It's about a guy who could stop time and motion, about friendship and about love. I really love it, try to watch it!! The image above is the poster, dont judge immediately! It's no rated X movie.. It's a sweet story about Ben Willi (Sean Biggerstaff)

My favorite line from the movie Cashback:
Ben Willis: I've always wanted to be a painter, maybe have my work hung in a gallery one day.

Sharon Pintey: I've always wanted to meet a painter.

Ben Willis: Why?

Sharon Pintey: I think it might have something to do with their ability to see beauty in everything.

*love is just around you.. all you've got to do is see the beauty in it.. you don't have to stop a second, just stop a minute so you wont miss it.