Friday, October 3, 2008


The Catterpillars

This is a story I made, it came to my mind when I was teaching my tutee.. It's another JetOg (Jet's Originals)... Hope you like it and please critisize it.. tnx ^^

Once upon a time there's a little green fat worm named Jirk. He feels that there is much in the world to explore so he went far from home to see what the world could offer him. He crawled through the grasses, through the muds, through the rocks. Along the way he met a girl catterpillar that attracts him. The girl's name is Ruby. They went along so well and travelled together to explore the world. Years pass by and they enjoyed the company of each. They watched the first peek of the sun together, as well as its last rays. They felt the breeze, saw the blue sky, heard the growling of the thunder...and a lot more.. they shared those ups and downs and helped each other in crossing the big old log. However, as time passes by, Ruby become tired. She felt like she have to do something different now, felt like crawling is not what she should stick to. She explained this to Jirk but he just got mad at her. Ruby doesn't want to travel with him for now. Jirk left Ruby behind the green bush while she's preparing for her long sleep - her cocoon. Jirk - left Ruby. He continued his journey, crawling through the pasture, exploring the world. But this time he has to face the chickens alone, face the threats of humans all alone. He misses her but it's allright.
One sunny day, Jirk was resting under an apple tree when he saw a winged - creature flying around him. He gazes it, amazed by it... It has colorful large wings and he wonders how lovely would it be to have those kinds of wings. If he could have wings like that he doesn't have to crawl to explore the world and travel from palces to places, he would just fly. FLY! He doesn't have to crawl when he can FLY... FLY! That thought tickles his ear. As she stare at the creature he realized that it iscalled butterfly. So that's how the butterfly looks like huh?? And to his surprise, the more he looks at it, the more it looks familiar, the more he realizes who it is... who she is..
"Hi Jirk, it's been a while"
" .... Ru -- Ruby?"

So that's life... Life began for them.. again..
And this time it's sweeter,
This time,
They both fly...

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