Monday, December 15, 2008

We love hiding, hide and seek we play
Just for tonight, we have reasons to stay

When daylight's here it seems that we
Haven't shared a night so intensely

But I don't have the strength to expose
That our hearts are only open when these doors are closed

That darkness is the only witness
To our love, kisses and sweet caresses.

Tomorrow we hide from all of the other,
Not knowing where we'll go from here.

I love you so.

Monday, December 8, 2008



I cannot forget that night
How much it hurts
When we should've watched
The fireworks together
But you chose to be
With that girl,
That's when i realize:
I never had you at all.

Now I cry
'Coz I felt I lose,
I can't lose you
'Coz you've never been mine,
I lose in this game
Where no one could win,
That's when I face the truth
You were never mine.

Now I cry,
Staring at this dark room
Wishing you would love me
Just like you said you do,
I'm waiting for that moment
That I will have you
For I felt,
I never had you at all.

**poem based on my own experience.. haha