Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you are new in Zamboanga City, please always be careful in roaming around downtown especially in areas like Southway Square, Plaza Pershing and even near the fire station in Mayor Jaldon St. This precaution is not because of bomb threats nor about any bombing activity as what media always report about Zamboanga City. Actually, it's about the birds.

Yes, birds fly. But they need to rest too. They have to find shelter especially when the sun is out. In Zamboanga City, they found their place on the busy streets of the 'centro'. That is, near Magay - the marketplace. This is how they look like:

There's really nothing to be scared of with these birds. They don't attack people. However, they send some blessings from above with which you'll think twice if you'll get mad or just understand it's bird nature... hakhak These blessings are what I personally call 'snow'. While the sun is setting down, around 6pm, the snow will start to fall.
Owkay, I'm going to say it straight - the birds give off feces as they fly around downtown - buildings, streets, houses, etc and as they try to settle with the electric wires.

You heard it, i mean read it, right.. They settle on electric wires at night then their feces fall down to the streets..and, ofcourse, also to the people, cars and other things on the streets. So in the mornings, it is white all over the streets (birds' feces are usually white).

I really wonder where did these birds came from? Why are they here downtown? I never saw birds on wires and busy streets before. I thought birds don't like noisy places but why are they there???? Hmmmm.....

One theory is that, the birds are the spirits of those people who died in the chain bombing of the department stores downtown. However, I don't know what stores they are. I just heard that story of multiple bombs that explode downtown near Plaza Pershing. hmmm.. could it be.. could it be? A friend said that the victims of the bombing were not given prayer mass that may cause why they still return downtown, but in the form of birds. How bout you Zamboangueno? What's your theory??? :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This post is exclusive for my stuff toy named Miggy..

Well, Miggy is named after Miguel "Miggy" Chavez, the vocalist of Chicosci,a band here in the Philippines...
I lab my miggy,
Miggy doesnt have a gender,
Miggy is always there for me..
If you want to know my secrets, ask Miggy..
I tell Miggy everything.

These are Miggy's companions before, but now we are both reformed citizens of the world :)