Thursday, February 12, 2009


First First Steps in finding a JOB

First first steps in finding a "JOB".

Okay, I will share my experience in finding a job. Our university has conducted this year's Job fair. This will be my second job interview if ever. The first was in Jollibee when I applied for a service crew position, I just wanted to have a work that time. I want to highlight that I am seeking for a job, not a career nor a work. At these times of 'global crisis' as they say, nearly gradutes like me should be wise enough to know where to work. And also, what I will share is my preparation for the interview. I will later create another post for the lessons I learned from the job fair.

These are the things that I formulated while meditating for the upcoming interview in our job fair.

First, know what you want.
Search for a certain company from a pool of companies in the world where you are interested in. If you apply in a company please make sure that you really want there. I think things are better if you are interested in it. Without interest, you may be just a zombie that finds for a salary generating activity.

Second, if you really dont want it there, atleast you LIKE to be a part of the organization
You may choose endless of organizations that you will plan to apply in but make sure that if you dont really want to be there, atleast you like to be there.

Third, maximize the internet: search for the details about the organization you plan to apply in.
Just like I did this afternoon, I listed the organizations that got my interest and my field and searched for the details. I recommend you read the org's mission and vision and ask yourself if you share the same things. Also, feel the aura... Did you liked it? If you do then go on. If you dont but you want to go on then go on. If you dont want but you like to go on then go on, remember that it's up to you. But listen to your guts. Also, searching the net about the org you plan to apply in may give you an idea about the things they want in an employee. Knowledge is always a power, if you have knowledge about them then you may have the power to make them hire you.

Fourth, dont forget your resume, application letter and 2x2 pictures.
And dont just make one copy!

Fifth, know the date of the interview and be there before the time.

Sixth, breathe in and breathe out 'cos you are heading to the real world.

Seventh : Go on! Wait for the day of the interview and Go on! :)

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