Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Java Programming in Netbeans

This keeps me busy right now. It's like WTF! I never thought programming could be this fun, real fun. Haha.. (sarcastic). Anyways, I just want to share these things about Netbeans:

1. Netbeans is really helpful, promise, no sarcasm here. It provides you with automatic choices of the classes,methods, errors, variables, and many more! It's really the IDE you need.

2. To appreciate Netbeans you must have at least basic knowledge about Java Programming, basics really help. You should understand what constructors are, the setters and the getters, methods, abstract, table models, basically about object - oriented programming. :)

3. Google is your bestfriend! Especially the java.sun.com -- hmmmm! very helpful! So as the pdf files, the e-books. Maximize the resources, it doesn't have to be that vague.

4. Consult the books - period!

5. Consult the instructors, proffesors, teachers (whatever you call them) that has advance knowledge and skil in programming.

6. Enjoy! Appreciate programming while you do it or else you'll get stucked complaining the essence of it in your life (argh! this is for me to graduate on time!!)

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