Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, what do I have here? I would like to share to you the pictures I made out of love for the sunrise. I don’t remember what exact day I took these pictures. I think it’s about New Year. Hmmm..

All the following pictures are taken by me, it’s all mine, please respect my rights to own them, alright? Haha.. But it's a pleasure to share these with you.

Please click the photos for a full view.. :)

Hey, I made this blog first in Microsoft Windows 2007 because I don’t have an internet connection at home. Here’s a screen shot as a proof haha:

I think MS Word ’07 is overly helpful yet irritating haha (laugh laugh laugh)

Okay then let’s start!

This is me, I just woke up when I realize it's already sunrise so I immediately went to the rooftop and MAKE (not just TAKE) pictures, exploiting the view.

I started taking pictures of the view by the sea,(wherever it is), east? West? I really don’t know

This is the cell site of Globe. Hmm.. I just reduced the noise of the photo;

clicked Filter > Reduce Noise > Ok.

And then it turned like this. The colors are as it is.

I never thought that skies could be in shades of violet during sunrise.

I love the sky.

I don’t know if it's in a wrong tilt, or maybe it's just because of the lens, or perhaps I just don’t know how to capture the right angle, or it's just nice.. haha

The mighty cell site of Globe network provider, hmmm.. I wonder if it'll ever collapse.

The weary roofs that comfort me, in the morning or at night, morning until night. Haha…

Oh my, the super zoom of the camera, look over there, it’s the sea where Sta. Cruz island, a white sand beach in Zamboanga City, could be seen from a distance.

And so I looked at the sky and saw the glory of the sun.

The mountain here, I think, is in Pasonanca. I’m not really that familiar in places here in Zamboanga City. Huhuhu
But I really do think it is in Pasonanca, Zamboanga City.

Another angle on the rooftop, the building at the left is what we call Buenavista tower, one step away from my dormitory.

Good morning sunrise.

The spaceship - like building at the back is the Jasmin tower, our neighbor and twin sister of the Buenavista Tower. ( I love this photo's larger view);

The Christmas lantern, hanging on the curved metal on Buenavista tower. It was really days after Christmas.

I changed the settings of the camera and so the colors turned out like this.

The view is from the Cathedral, it is still sunrise, lolz. For me it looks like sunset.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures

Oily face and eye bags, if don’t care I love the sunrise.

A view of the Cathedral without zooming the camera in.

The mighty Cathedral; the sun burns the innocent sky.

It is about 6 in the morning. Hmmm.. sunrise.. I’m lovin’ it.

Waah it looks like more of a horror shot for me, it's blurred but for I guess it's still okay.


It's no edit the focus is really at the bird.

Good morning tall bird!

How lovely it is to disturb you at daylight!

(Please click the photo to view the glory of the "tall bird")

Hihi the bird stood there in solitude, I assume..

I love birds. This bird is now almost as tall as the tower haha whatever.. \m/

Aaah I’m so wasted! But never mind, look at the street below.. Lo! Below..

That’s the INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo) church. Say hello to the bird :)

It’s the Mayor Jaldon St. of Zamboanga City. Hmm, I couldn’t explain more about the geographical aspect, just enjoy the picture. Haha

Mayor Jaldon St. [ not yet traffic ]

The view from the top, I don’t know what street this is. haha

Hello there blue sky of Zamboanga, I will miss you

(Click the pix)

Okay! that's all for now, I'm already sleepy.. .ZZZzzzz...

There are still lot of pictures from the trip on the rooftop.

Good night for me.. I mean Good morning.. haha... it’s 12:39 am. See you sunrise later.

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