Friday, February 20, 2009


Thank You!

For all those who greeted me, thank you very much!
You've made my birthday "different" from the past years.. hakhak

thank you!

for those who still want to greet me, you may post in the comment box on the right side of this blog :)

I would like to share to you the song I've composed:

I Say Cheers for 20 years (A Birthday Special)
by Jet Chan

So, you are - What's your name again?
You've crossed the rivers and the erupting mountains
Who the hell cares if you're here
At 13 you learned to drink some beer.

I say cheers! For 20 years for 20 years for 20 years
Cheers, for 20 years you've made it 20 years

You changed, a lot, you become prettier
And the dirtbag - dust - eater has made itself a monster
But do you ever know how to love?
Be very grateful of the One above.


Who couldve told you what to do
Are you ready to fly?
Now you are so happy though some have left you
You are happy.. Damn happy and you say --

(Repeat Chorus except 'I say')
Casted iron 20 years
Eloded thoughts for 20 years
Been searching for 20 years for 20 years for 20 years
Ups and downs 20 years
Suicide never mind for 20 years
Congratulations you've made it in 20 years in 20 years
Troubled family 20 years
Foul words for 20 years
You never said enough for 20 years for 20 years


I say, you are still that girl 20 years before
And I still love you, love myself even more.

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