Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This Post Is For Him.

Everything that I told you ARE all true. ^^,
I am so thankful for everything that you've done to make me happy,
you have to realize how special you are to me, very special, super special.
You are one of those few people that tries to make me happy.
But you see, things change.
Remember that it was you who told me about that, so I did it,
and then you want me to be JUST LIKE YESTERDAY?
No. Not Again. I won't let you, nor me, do that again.
Why won't you talk to me? Do I have to call you "Syedi"?
I know you're not going to read this so why the hell am I writing this.
I just hope it will still reach you.
Talk to me, maybe for hours or more... Just you and me talking. Why can't we do that?
Don't ask me things I do not want to give, things change. I am not the same foolish person who's so scared to lose you, or so you thought. I wasn't afraid to lose you.
It's all bullshit and I hate it. Do I love you? Did I ever loved you?
I think I did. Good bye, wtf.
But you are still special, though I DON'T MEAN ANYTHING ANYMORE.
It's not true that I don't care about you, what makes you think that?
I just may not be able to show it but I do.
Give me a beep on my cellphone if you get to read this, and talk to me, Syedi.

1. I feel safe when I'm with you
2. You make me feel so important
3. You make me feel you want me so much
4. You make me feel that you really want me so much
5. You treat me like a princess
6. You make me feel that you care so much for me
7. You never made me feel that I am loved.
8. I am just THE NEXT BEST THING. (and I hate it)


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