Monday, March 30, 2009


If you must love me
Do it with all your heart.
Say not:
"I love her for she's the sweeset"
For that reason
You should've replaced me with sugar.
Say not:
"I love her for she's the fairest"
For time will come
I won't be fair anymore
That may mean you can love me not.
And if you love me,
Be sure of what you're feeling.
Say not:
"I love her, I think I do love her"
For what you think might be wrong.
If you feel alone and you need me
That doesn't mean that you love me
'Cause when I can't be there
That may mean you can't love me.
If you must love me
Do so for the sake of love
And I will love you
That way I want you to love me,
That would be fair;
If you must love me
Do so for the sake of true love -
Love that's real
And beyond any reason.

[I composed this poem last summer :D]

watch out for my next post about my graduation

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These photos are from our teacher's wedding last January. I was just practicing taking photos, or making them.. hekhek [im just beginner but not a noob ;P]


Monday, March 23, 2009

Using JFreeChart? It is very helpful to use JFreeChart for reporting purposes of your system/ programs. However, you may notice that once you incorporate this in your system and you close it, your whole system/ application/ program will also exit or be closed. This is because JFreeCharts usually extends APPLICATIONFRAME that LISTENS to the close button and CLOSES EVERYTHING when clicked. (which is horrible for your system).

Just override the windowclosing function!
Like this:

public void windowClosing(final WindowEvent evt){
if(evt.getWindow() == this){


That's all you need :)


Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm back! With the new laptop (newly reformat), i find it hard to organize everything. One thing's for sure, the OS is better when newly reformat. Thanks to my friend Wangyu for helping me with that. :)

These are the wallpapers I use in my desktop. These are all originally from me. I took the photos and edited them and posted them here. If you liked it you may freely use it with or without my permission. You may download these at my deviantart page: :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

... [seems like contributing to a thousand posts about Gerard Way / MCR :] ...

This is the face that I really want (not to replace mine, of course);

Who could've not known Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance (MCR)? Except for all the comments (he's so emo, so gay, bla bla..) no doubt he's got real good face. Hahaha
I like MCR not because of Gerard but because of the music, the guitars were great. But remember that FACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSIC.

I just can't help but to create a post for God's given gift to Gerard Way:

speechless? I am.. haha

looks hot when he looks .. evilish


and here!? Looks elegant when he wears formal attire

and effortlessly beautiful in "normal times"
(sounds gay? I don't think so..haha)

and looks cute when he looks DEAD, haha who else could do that?

Note: these images were from the sites/blogs in the net,
if you own this and you don't want me to use it,
just post a comment and say so :)


Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is

EOS 5D Mark II

of CANON.. I think it's great.. I want to have it, still browsing for the price though but it seems it's not available in the Philippines. I've read the features in Canon's site : (
and I sooooooo like it. These are the specs:

Superb Imaging Performance
21.1 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor for high resolution images of superb quality and details (imagine that!)
New photodiode construction, new microlens array and on-chip noise reduction circuitry on CMOS sensor minimizes interference from electrical noise;

Auto Lighting Optimizer function with 4 settings (Standard, low, strong and disable) - Analyzes the brightness of the photographic subject, and automatically corrects the dark parts to make them brighter
New Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction setting to automatically even the brightness across the image
Full HD Video capture at 1920 x 1080 resolution for up to 4GB per clip with HDMI output for HD viewing of stills and video

Shooting Modes
Mode dial for easy access to a wide range of shooting modes for different shooting conditions:
1) Full Auto
2) New! Creative Auto
3) Program AE
4) Shutter-priority AE (Tv)
5) Aperture-priority AE (Av)
6) Manual
7) Bulb
8) Custom 1
9) Custom 2
10) Custom 3
6 image composition modes available with sharpness, contrasts, color tone, saturation can be adjustable:
1) Standard- vivid and sharp images (general shooting)
2) Portrait- beautiful skin tones and clear image quality
3) Landscape- vivid blues and greens, enhanced sharpness
4) Neutral-natural color reproduction, low sharpness and moderate expression
5) Faithful-extremely accurate color reproduction in daylight
6) Monochrome- black and white or sepia images
7) Picture Style Editor lets you create your own Picture Style files for use with the EOS 5D Mark II

...from :) try to visit and discover great cameras :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

(image editing: thanks to for the tutorial)


Exposed From the Diary of a friend: I swear I loved you

With the trite phrase: I never felt so sure before; Swear, but it's true, that I loved you.

That was the time when I feel I can do anything for you. That was also the time when you make me super happy and make me feel that everything's alright as long as you are. That was the time when my world is around you, everyday is all about you. That was also the time when I don't want to see you down because it's breaking my heart, and that was the time when I thought you could love me. My loved one, everything changes and feelings are not exempted. Me.. my feelings... my love for you.. don't say it was not authentic, don't dare judge it was not true. I was ready to give anything for you. But you see, the hurt, the pain, the super pain and the super super pain... arghh... I pity myself. Even if my heart still wants to love you for, like, forever, I have the witty brain that won't let me to. I swear I have to leave you, but I swear again I loved you.

This time, no more this and no more that.. I cannot let me do that anymore, it was too painful. Leaving you is so hard and it is still the art I have to master right now. I mean it when I said "I didn't mean anything", because I don't mean anything anymore, I wont't let myself do that. I swear it hurts me more.. 'Coz whenever I try to hurt you I just hurt myself even worse and so much deeper. And it's like - wtf.

I beg you to never make me feel the same way again because I'm almost on my way out - out of your life. But I .... I swear I really loved you.

But f**k it, you used me. I knew it all along that you've been using me. All of our friends say it behind our back. But I was happy to do those things for you, without expecting anything in return but to just stay with me. I used you, to feed my fantasy...but you used me more.... But it doesn't matter anymore. If you want me back, you gotta have to ask NICER..nicer than that... Haha..peace to you, I still want us to be friends, just that. Let's forget the past, I'll forget you, you forget me, that would be fair. So, for a thousand time, GOODBYE. This time it'll be the LAST. This time I MEAN IT. F**k it. You die, I cry. You say you love me, I'll kill you for real.

Hakhak.. not techy this time :)


Sunday, March 8, 2009

(image from, nice themed rocks)

This is based on my personal experience, of course.. I program in Netbeans with Java as my language hakhak :)

TIPS when debugging:

1. Check the spellings! from the code to the content of the database to anywhere the classes are concern!

2. Check the logic.
There are two kinds of errors: syntax and logic. Netbeans automatically detects syntax error and other programming tools also do so. But logic errors are the weakness of any computer system. As programmer, you are held responsible of the flow of logic. So when things are not as what they supposed to be in your program/modules, check the logic. Trace the flow from the first call of the classes,methods, variables to the the end use.

3. Put debugging statements!
System.out.println(of course put something here);
JOptionPane.showmessagedialog(null,"It passed here!");
System.out.println("The variable is: "+ var);
JOptionPane.showmessagedialog(null, "Count is: "+count);

I put statements like "wtf, it passed here!, that was the result" to help me trace the bugs. I don't have to use insecticides for this!hahahaha

4. Ask a Friend!

Programmer1: Hi! Hello friend! I cannot f**king find the bug of my program. When i enter this, the other one won't show up like what it should! Could you please find the bug for me???

Friend: WTF, i dont program,all I know is to play DOTA

Programmer1: WTF! Get lost Major Loser!!!!

Moral: Ask a friend that is knowledgable in the field of programming.

Still cannot find the bugs? Take a break! Your brain might just be breaking. Rest for a while, don't worry! The more you worry, the more you won't be able to find those f**kin bugs.

Enjoy debugging!! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The image above is a sample Stop Error that could happen in Windows OS. (Note: the contents could be different in different circumstances)

While the image above is a sample System restore wizard in Windows.

Just like what I've promised, I am posting the solution for the Stop Error a.k.a Blue Screen or Bug Check in Windows as I experienced this error. I was programming in Netbeans while Winamp application is also running. I noticed that the laptop hangs every now and then, the CPU usage went high that time. At first I thought it's caused by a virus so I scanned the drives. I did saw a TAMPA virus (a local virus from our university's online classroom) though but it doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem. After I removed the virus, the memory lag still went on. Later at night I played songs in Windows Media Player. Basically I was just trying to find out what's wrong, if it is software or hardware problem or both. I loaded all the tracks in the Media Player, playing and stopping the songs repeatedly and boom!, the blue screen appeared before my very eyes. I've read the error and tried to remember what was said but my memory is weak (I'm so stressed, you know ;P).

And sooooo, I brought the laptop to school and asked my friend to check what's wrong and he said he doesn't know and he told me to just restore the system to its last known good state.

So that's it!
All you need to do is to restore the system.

If you want to restore the system, follow these steps:

Go to Start>> All Programs>> Accessories >> System Tools>> System Restore

Then the wizard will appear. Select a restore point and start restoring your system!

I've searched for solutions of this problem from Microsoft portal and they suggested the System restore solution for the Blue Screen/ Stop error. Check out:

Well, after I've restored the system of this laptop which runs in Windows XP, I've not experienced memory lag again so far.. Hopefully that solved my problem.. (and yours too :)


In developing our system (which made me stressful these past months), we have to have something that would help us finish the development earlier than average development time. So we decided using Netbeans, a software that could help us. In website development, it is like a Dreamweaver where as JCreator or Eclipse is a notepad. However, there are modules in the system like generating of graphs, importing of excel files and customation of GUI that needs to be done quickly. Instead of hardcoding those things, we used third party libraries for them.

To make these things clear, I'll give an example. Our other friend from the other group generated graph for their CHITS system. It took him more or less a month to code it. While I programmed a module that generates report, it took me more or less 3 hours to study the codes, copy paste the examples, modify it and customize. This is how helpful the 3rd party libraries are. And what's even great is that these libraries are free! The three libraries that we chose are:

JFree Chart - generates graphs, charts, etc for reporting
JExcel - supported by javasun (the developers of java), I think it's third party because I still have to download the library before i get to use it.
Look and Feel in UIManager - I'll be researching more about this and post it here because it's my groupmate that implemented it. Basically it modifies the GUI.

I'll be posting the sites were you can freely download these libraries sooner.

(Back to work for now)