Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Camera that I want

This is

EOS 5D Mark II

of CANON.. I think it's great.. I want to have it, still browsing for the price though but it seems it's not available in the Philippines. I've read the features in Canon's site : (
and I sooooooo like it. These are the specs:

Superb Imaging Performance
21.1 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor for high resolution images of superb quality and details (imagine that!)
New photodiode construction, new microlens array and on-chip noise reduction circuitry on CMOS sensor minimizes interference from electrical noise;

Auto Lighting Optimizer function with 4 settings (Standard, low, strong and disable) - Analyzes the brightness of the photographic subject, and automatically corrects the dark parts to make them brighter
New Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction setting to automatically even the brightness across the image
Full HD Video capture at 1920 x 1080 resolution for up to 4GB per clip with HDMI output for HD viewing of stills and video

Shooting Modes
Mode dial for easy access to a wide range of shooting modes for different shooting conditions:
1) Full Auto
2) New! Creative Auto
3) Program AE
4) Shutter-priority AE (Tv)
5) Aperture-priority AE (Av)
6) Manual
7) Bulb
8) Custom 1
9) Custom 2
10) Custom 3
6 image composition modes available with sharpness, contrasts, color tone, saturation can be adjustable:
1) Standard- vivid and sharp images (general shooting)
2) Portrait- beautiful skin tones and clear image quality
3) Landscape- vivid blues and greens, enhanced sharpness
4) Neutral-natural color reproduction, low sharpness and moderate expression
5) Faithful-extremely accurate color reproduction in daylight
6) Monochrome- black and white or sepia images
7) Picture Style Editor lets you create your own Picture Style files for use with the EOS 5D Mark II

...from :) try to visit and discover great cameras :)

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