Saturday, March 14, 2009


The Face That I Really Want

... [seems like contributing to a thousand posts about Gerard Way / MCR :] ...

This is the face that I really want (not to replace mine, of course);

Who could've not known Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance (MCR)? Except for all the comments (he's so emo, so gay, bla bla..) no doubt he's got real good face. Hahaha
I like MCR not because of Gerard but because of the music, the guitars were great. But remember that FACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSIC.

I just can't help but to create a post for God's given gift to Gerard Way:

speechless? I am.. haha

looks hot when he looks .. evilish


and here!? Looks elegant when he wears formal attire

and effortlessly beautiful in "normal times"
(sounds gay? I don't think so..haha)

and looks cute when he looks DEAD, haha who else could do that?

Note: these images were from the sites/blogs in the net,
if you own this and you don't want me to use it,
just post a comment and say so :)


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