Monday, March 9, 2009


I Swear I Loved You

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Exposed From the Diary of a friend: I swear I loved you

With the trite phrase: I never felt so sure before; Swear, but it's true, that I loved you.

That was the time when I feel I can do anything for you. That was also the time when you make me super happy and make me feel that everything's alright as long as you are. That was the time when my world is around you, everyday is all about you. That was also the time when I don't want to see you down because it's breaking my heart, and that was the time when I thought you could love me. My loved one, everything changes and feelings are not exempted. Me.. my feelings... my love for you.. don't say it was not authentic, don't dare judge it was not true. I was ready to give anything for you. But you see, the hurt, the pain, the super pain and the super super pain... arghh... I pity myself. Even if my heart still wants to love you for, like, forever, I have the witty brain that won't let me to. I swear I have to leave you, but I swear again I loved you.

This time, no more this and no more that.. I cannot let me do that anymore, it was too painful. Leaving you is so hard and it is still the art I have to master right now. I mean it when I said "I didn't mean anything", because I don't mean anything anymore, I wont't let myself do that. I swear it hurts me more.. 'Coz whenever I try to hurt you I just hurt myself even worse and so much deeper. And it's like - wtf.

I beg you to never make me feel the same way again because I'm almost on my way out - out of your life. But I .... I swear I really loved you.

But f**k it, you used me. I knew it all along that you've been using me. All of our friends say it behind our back. But I was happy to do those things for you, without expecting anything in return but to just stay with me. I used you, to feed my fantasy...but you used me more.... But it doesn't matter anymore. If you want me back, you gotta have to ask NICER..nicer than that... Haha..peace to you, I still want us to be friends, just that. Let's forget the past, I'll forget you, you forget me, that would be fair. So, for a thousand time, GOODBYE. This time it'll be the LAST. This time I MEAN IT. F**k it. You die, I cry. You say you love me, I'll kill you for real.

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  1. Zawir Al-Hamidi said... March 9, 2009 at 9:26 PM

    Ha..ha..ha.. Good girl sometimes goes romantic.

  2. jet MUSIC said... May 8, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    aawwwwtzz... im not good.. not a girl anymore.. not romantic... im nothing.. hahahaha...

    but thank u very much for reading my post :D really, i appreciate.. hope u wud read other posts too :D