Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Windows' Stop Error/ Blue Screen/ Bug Check

The image above is a sample Stop Error that could happen in Windows OS. (Note: the contents could be different in different circumstances)

While the image above is a sample System restore wizard in Windows.

Just like what I've promised, I am posting the solution for the Stop Error a.k.a Blue Screen or Bug Check in Windows as I experienced this error. I was programming in Netbeans while Winamp application is also running. I noticed that the laptop hangs every now and then, the CPU usage went high that time. At first I thought it's caused by a virus so I scanned the drives. I did saw a TAMPA virus (a local virus from our university's online classroom) though but it doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem. After I removed the virus, the memory lag still went on. Later at night I played songs in Windows Media Player. Basically I was just trying to find out what's wrong, if it is software or hardware problem or both. I loaded all the tracks in the Media Player, playing and stopping the songs repeatedly and boom!, the blue screen appeared before my very eyes. I've read the error and tried to remember what was said but my memory is weak (I'm so stressed, you know ;P).

And sooooo, I brought the laptop to school and asked my friend to check what's wrong and he said he doesn't know and he told me to just restore the system to its last known good state.

So that's it!
All you need to do is to restore the system.

If you want to restore the system, follow these steps:

Go to Start>> All Programs>> Accessories >> System Tools>> System Restore

Then the wizard will appear. Select a restore point and start restoring your system!

I've searched for solutions of this problem from Microsoft portal and they suggested the System restore solution for the Blue Screen/ Stop error. Check out: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/254649

Well, after I've restored the system of this laptop which runs in Windows XP, I've not experienced memory lag again so far.. Hopefully that solved my problem.. (and yours too :)


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