Thursday, April 2, 2009



(this is my new wallpaper, photo taken and edited by me)

LUCY I'm in - love

I've spent my days trying to forget you
The more I try,
The more I can't
And the more it hurts (char*).
You know it's okay,
That I'm not okay..

I dont wanna stay here
I've been trying to move on
For so long now
Still, I'm trying
I dont know if I'm lucky
Or unlucky.

Im f**king tired of playing
It's no fun at all
When my heart's at stake,
I'd rather die
And say goodbye
Not emo, not emo.

I know Im not everything
You ever wanted
You ever needed
Same to you, so f**k it
Stop it, stop it.
I did my time.

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