Saturday, May 9, 2009


I Am Going Crazy

(Title of the photo: Against the All Suns)


But of course! Everyone who says they are going crazy are not really going crazy at all.
He's really giving me headache, dunno what's the matter with him. Can't he understand?!
Are guys really like that, huh? Just wanna know why most of them cant get what most of us is trying to say?? Oh well I think I know. I haven't said the things that I want to say. I give him clues though, but I think he cannot decode. I know he's not gonna read this. He's never interested of the things I do. But that's okay.
I'm afraid that I might say "these things" in the wrong time.. so wrong that I will end up losing him. I already told him I don't want to lose him. Demmit. I can't understand.. I can't understand.
I dont want to think too much because it'll give me stress and I might get sick again. It's so sad that he's making me sick than making me well. He's never there when I needed him the most but it's okay as long as I can stand for him just when he needs me the most. Don't tell me I'm losing him. Well I'll lose him because of his selfishness! I guess time will make him realize what he is doing to me. To hurt a simple friend is the worst thing a human could do, what more if it's more than a simple friend? We used to fix things up, but this time... but this time....


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