Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Another Poem.. hmmff..

these are the pix I've edited some months ago..
raarrr... hmmm??


All I Know Is

I want to walk along the shore with you
And get lost in the woods
Where no one could find me,
That'll make me come back home.

When you speak I want to hear the things
That you dont say,
Because those are the sweetest
Especially when your eyes prove it.

I want to go to the moon and prepare a place for you
Where we can see the stars closer
And wish that time stops right there
Or let them all fall unto us.

All I know is something I never knew before
It gives a happy feeling, However,
Each tick of the clock took you farther -
a little farther away from me..

[and that was the poem.. boww...
*wonderin where to sleep tonight,
hates the dorm...]


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