Thursday, May 7, 2009


Stress: More Dangerous Than Any Killer Flu

-- Not Swine Flu, Not Chicken Pox, but Stress --

I really thought I'm going to die last night. Im serious. My body was burning hell and I don't know what to do. I thought I already have that H1N1 virus or something. Well, I've been coughing blood lately but it's a normal thing for me. But last was my first time to experience such sickness. I couldn't even breathe. I just don't know what to do. I really thought I won't be able to see the sun of May 8, 2009 anymore. Haha.. Now I'm laughing at it.

Then I woke up about 10pm, I texted my mom and said I'm sooo sick. My head is aching sooooo well as my body from top to toe. Demmit. Even if it's hard to move, I got up from bed and drank water and wipe myself with wet towel. After that it's a relief! I've been sweating all over.

I also texted my good friend and told her to contact my parents if I die that night. haha..
Then I knew it was stress. I dunno I just couldnt think of any reason for my sickness. I never felt such thing before, not in my elementary, highschool nor college days. That burning sensation! Awwwwtttzzz.

I also thought of few people in my "almost dying feeling". There are few of them. I thought of my parents, of course, and my only brother. What will they feel if their hope to have a better life would die in her sleep? Lolz. Then I thought of my bestfriend. But of course my closest friends too, the members of Chickz, Pare! Inc. I already told them my death wishes even before. And.. And I thought of those 2 more "significant others". Sayang naman if I'll die. haha

Thank God I was able to woke up. Another day, another challenge for me. I'm not yet feeling good today but I have to go to work..
Last night was memorable, it made me think of the song from Death Cab For Cutie - What Sarah Said.. That love is watching someone die, and who's gonna watch you die?


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