Thursday, May 7, 2009


What I Need

I honestly do not know what I need in my f**kin life. haha. But i think I just have to get some rest, vacation. Oh well! Less than two months more before I fly off from this city. I've been counting the days.. But now, uhm? owkay.. I have to rest.

But how could I???
This work wears me off.
And I've got a lot of things in mind.
One thing is about my bestfriend. I don't know why he's like that now. uhm.. i think I know.
I know he wont be able to read this post.
But uhhh..
I don't know.. Something weird is happening to me now.
And I.. I'm just too tired. Tired of not knowing something I shouldve known.
tired of these!!!!
Let me get some sleep.

But Im happy.. I am happy about something..
But it scares me mooooorrrreeee... OMG! it scares me... grrrr

Featured song:
Night Fever

You are like this sickness that came to me
That came to me at night
And by the morning I see you
Mourning with the sun's light.

How could it be that the light I see
Is doomed by the darkness of my soul

I dont want to feel this
I dont want to feel this fever
I dont want to feel this
this night fever

All I want to do is
All I want to do is feel this
Fever at night till the morning light
But I'm so scared to feel this.

I composed that sh*'s not yet finished, still have to rearrange..


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