Thursday, June 25, 2009


A Mother's Poem

The mother

Her love is unselfish and enduring,
She's got that thankless job,
She stands though she's breaking,
Hides her tears and sobs.

She has the shoulder to carry the world,
The strength to endure childbirth,
Yet her arms are the most gentle,
That kind that gives perfect comfort.

But rejection comes to her more often
Even from her husband and her own children.
Thank God her ribs are desgined to protect
The very fragile thing inside.

She gets tired of caring for everyone
As much as she wants to, she complains not,
She taught her children to walk
Just to see them walk away.

She has the most weary heart,
Yet the best of all,
Even though she may cry
She should stand tall...

For the mother's breakdown
Is the empire's downfall
She gives light, She gives life,
Her love is the best of all.

*every day is mother's day ^^,

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