Monday, July 13, 2009


Destroying Nature (I told you it's planning suicide)

My nature is to fly, my nature is to blow away. My nature is to doubt but then I believe more than I can say. My nature is to listen, my nature is to get tired. My nature is self- preserving. Would you blame me for who I am?

Sometimes I think that I think too much
Sometimes I feel that I feel too much
Sometimes it could've been too much
But it couldn't be any lesser.
Sometimes I feel I'm lost,
That I just want to come back home
But then I realize I am not,
My eyes were just closed
And my ears were just hearing the echo of myself.
Sometimes I want to believe
that these dreams would go on
when I close my eyes
and every second of the night
would just give me another life.
I don't want to listen to myself anymore.


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