Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Will be Offline For A While

made by me ^^,

I'm not going to post something relevant yet for the next few weeks because my work gets more and more demanding. Now, I am faced with real - world system development with professional team mates, having a team leader and a project manager.


*** Random rant:

Suddenly everything's not the same now. It was just like an instantaneous rain that pours on me and wakes my hopeless hopes. He is the answer to my prayers, he might not know it but he's my angel, he's my little saint and I just can't believe he is mine now. I can't believe he saw something in me that others (including myself) failed to see. I can't believe he changed my view of love. Now I realize that loving couldn't be that hard. What's left of me to do is to love him until he wants me to, commit my next days, weeks, months and years to him. I love him so. Demmit, I can feel him though he's far from me. This feeling makes me miss him more. The way of loving him is just insatiable. rarz!

I just wanna be with him everyday of my life T_T...

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