Thursday, September 3, 2009



drawn in MSPaint

I listen to every word you say
I hear the voice that calls me at night
But it wasnt you, it was me,
Im calling myself to do something right -
To give up the fight,
I should give up the fight.

I just wanna fuckin hate you
But every hurt you bring wont do
I'll do anything to just feel better
This may mean everything, everything.
why cant i fucking do?
why cant i hate you?

Tell me once again
Things that's easy for you to tell
Close the door, shut to my face,
Hurt me more, just hurt me
But I cannot hate you,
It's something I cannot do.

Don't worry I don't love you
Like I loved you yesterday
My life wont stop without you
Neither will it be better if you're here
Im just waiting for these feelings to die
The natural death.

Give me time to deal with these changes.
I just lost my 99.9% when I lost you
So don't think it'll be easy.
Dont worry Im not coming back
Just to feel you pushing me away.
Why cant I be so mad...?


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