Tuesday, September 22, 2009


GOD AND EVIL (stale as it is)


Did GOD created evil? Is He in hell too? We humans can but give our mundane opinion. Who really knows by the way? I'm so sick of opinions about this topic, so sick of hearing tormented souls and 'i-was-enlightened' people debating.

May it be right, may it be wrong, may it be debatable, I just want to share this video. I don't care if it was really Einstein, don't really care if it's fallible. One thing's for sure - this made sense to me. But still I'll look for something that will reprove this until I cannot reprove anymore. Watch it for yourself.

Does God exist? Does Evil exist too? Did God created evil? Is He evil too?

I am so inspired with the things that I've read today. Maybe this will be the start of teh real moving on. I hope so. I just want to restart. I don't want to hope that there's such thing as someone that'll save me. Maybe.. I'm the only one that can save myself. I wanna puke. I wanna forget.

"...so from all of us at Aerosmith, to all of you out there wherever you are, remember the light at the end of the tunnel may be YOU, good night" - Amazing by Aerosmith

To all of you at Aerosmith:

perhaps you are right.

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