Wednesday, September 9, 2009


What's happening to me?

Drawn in MSPaint

I find it hard to focus on things. I always catch my self staring blankly at almost everything. Everynight I dream of him, literally! He appears on my dream EVERY NIGHT for more than a month now. What's wrong? I always think of him, every day, every moment I remember him. But I do not love him no more. Do I? I don't know O.o Is it guilt or something? Or someone's cursing me? Doing some voo - doo stuff? Why is this? I am used with break - up, it 's a normal scenario for me coz I don't stay long in a relationship. It wouldn't hurt me that much anymore. I am not hurt anymore, it's just that I wonder why he keeps on appearing in my dream and why something's bothering me, something that I do not know O.o

My mood swing is getting worse, I'm losing my appetite. I tend to vomit more often now, my sickness returned. Those bloods keep on spilling again. I don't wanna see my friends, I don't wanna talk to my brother. I'm so disturbed. I need a psychologist but I do not know where to find one. I could ask my ex though where's his psychologist but he doesn't wanna talk to me ;P

Now... what now? I'll go back to work.. as if nothing is happening inside me, as if nothing, nothing bothers me.



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