Thursday, November 12, 2009



Introducing, Bygone spray! The very thing you need if you need to forget! Just spray a generous amount onto your face and remember all the things you want to forget. Afterwards, you would already be able to forget those things!

You will feel immediate results! Try one now!


Bygone Spray - imaginary product. Many people seems to want to forget. I've got the idea of 'MSPainting' the image above from the saying: Let be bygones be bygones. This expression means to forget something, usually bad things, from the past.

My question is, to what extent can you forget? You may always try NOT TO REMEMBER but that doesn't mean you could really forget. Past is what made the "you" right now. I don't really agree on the phrase "Let's move on our separate ways and forget everything that we had." because I believe that the things we ought to forget are:
- someone's mistakes
- fight
- pride

Though many people wanted to forget their past, I'll always try to remember though it will be a little bit hurtful. Bad memories doesn't really mean they should be forgotten. I need to remember, to know where I've done wrong in my decision, how to avoid hurting somebody and use my past to do some strategic planning in my life.

Hence, I don't need that "Bygone" product.


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