Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Peaceful Mindanao amidst news on violence.

screen clipping from video from BBC News website

There's such violence everywhere!

Why do people see Mindanao as chaotic ground of rebels, terrorists and murderers??


Why does news everywhere have to carry the name of MINDANAO to reflect the violence in Maguindanao?? Can't they just say "MAGUINDANAO is NO STRANGER to VIOLENCE"? Anyways, can't blame those who are not "from here" because they really don't know what's really happening in this island. They just rely on news and sometimes news are really MISLEADING. It's undeniable that there are sorts of violence, terrorism and conflicts in this island but it's not as grave as how most of the people see it. My friends often tell me to go back to Manila because it's not safe here anymore. It's not safe anywhere in the world, I'd say and these things also happen in Luzon and Visayas (Philippines). There could be severity in this part of the world but still not severe enough to scare the people, both Filipinos and foreigners, away.

Are you a blogger? Coming from Mindanao? Then you're a Mindanao Blogger! We could counteract on the negative news and articles about Mindanao that people usually see over the internet! Let's blog for peace, tell the world about all the good things we have in Mindanao.

On a brighter side, it's Mindanao Week of Peace.

The Mindanao Week of Peace is a comprehensive promotional activity that involves various GOs, NGOs, and PO's in advocating the culture of peace in the Southern Philippines. It is a celebration of peace which was initiated in Zamboanga City by Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation, Inc. (PAZ) and SALAM Foundation in 1997. It has snowballed into a Mindanao-wide event as adopted by the Bishops-Ulama Conference and perpetuated as an annual observance through Presidential Proclamation 127, S. 2001

Try checking out the schedule of Activities:
MINDANAO Week of Peace 2009 Schedule of Activities

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