Monday, March 22, 2010


I Want To Swim

(Shawrky - Drawn in MSPaint)

Even though I never learned how to swim, I feel like I want to swim right now. Watching movies? It's just an escape from reality, it only worsen my condition when I watch sci - fi movies. Comedies are the only type of entertainment for me. I hope our office outing could do some good things to me. Kudos!

== Swim, Swim! ==
(instant poem, as always.. XD)

Swim, swim through the lake,
what you got?
A swan!
Swim, swim through the mud
what you got?
An ogre?
Swim, swim through the road,
through the rocky spiky road,
through the mountains and hills too,
through it all, just to be with you.
Swim, swim through your dreams,
Don't stop now, you're almost there
Swim, swim through the meadows,
through a tree,
what you got?
You got me.

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