Sunday, April 25, 2010


Angel of God

After watching too much documentaries from History Channel, I am inspired to write a book entitled "ANGEL OF GOD". It would be a story of EVERYTHING in a perspective of a lesser angel which I do not know what to name yet. The book is a narration of this lesser angel who saw EVERYTHING from the Creation upto now. This angel has no power, no gender, cannot fly, cannot teleport, but can see EVERYTHING and hear EVERYTHING. Sometimes this angel talks to God about EVERYTHING and this is all that this angel can do - to talk about it. The only thing that EVERYTHING excludes is God's thoughts, how He thinks, what He thinks and what are His plans. No one but God knows about it.

I will include there about the FALLEN ANGELS. As I know it, those angels decided to go down the Earth and mingle with the humankind. They had intercourse with women throughout the world, of their choice, that brought forth Giants, real giants. Then they taught humankind to make weapons of wars. They also taught them sorcery, astronomy and other "high - end" knowledge.

In my book, I will say that these fallen angels were the one who taught human kind measurements. They talked to pharoas in Egypt to inspire the making of pyramids. Some taught the Greeks about mythology. They also taught the Mayans to make the Mayan calendar. They taught people to make statues of their choice to represent them and call them "gods" because they want to be praised. The Giants helped in building what now considered to be Ancient wonders like Stonehenge, Pyramid of the Sun (Mexico), and the like. These are the wonders of the world that no man can concretely explain how the ancient men were able to do such things.

Hmmmm,,.... This looks similar yet contradictory to History Channel's Acient Alien episode where there are theorists that say our ancestors were taught by aliens. For the book, they were taught by unearthly creature, which are angels rather than aliens. This thought is also similar as written in the Book of Enoch.

I can but just imagine how the things looked like in Ancient time in my story. They saw these angels fly, they mingle with them. Then God reprimanded these angels and outcasted them into the darkest pit called Hell. with Lucifer as their chieftain. Afterward, God revealed Himself to humankind, gave them instructions how to live life, gave them 10 commandments that the first one says : "I AM your God, you shall not  have other gods beside me".

But the lesser angel did not narrate EVERYTHING. It'll be just stuff about that....or whatever...

I can imagine how the book will look like, what are the contents and approximately how many pages it would contain. The only problem is I haven't started it yet and I dont know if I'll every start to write it... coz I always feel tired and lazy :P.

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