Friday, June 18, 2010


Too good to be just your jest.


If you could really hear the sound
Of silence whispered so loud,
Yes, so loud you cant even hear it,
So loud it may even break my heart.

If you could read the lines of letters,
Where shores could be the only way,
It gathers not what I could say
When I feel like going away.

If this is so frail, this is so weak,
This is so strong, so strong, I cannot speak.
On uncharted sea I left to see,
You may never have been thinking of me.

How can I defy gravity?
When you move away, I feel dead,
When you come closer, I die,
When somewhere in the middle, I survive.

But where I am is not enough.
I just want to be with you.
But where you are is somewhere I cannot go.
But I swear this feeling is so true.

I'm so in - love with you.

*One of the worst thing is reading everything but missing the point of what you read.*
*He doesn't know what it's like not knowing if I ever cross his mind*
*sh!+ these crappy things...

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