Monday, September 13, 2010



Happy 1st month my love.

I hope you realize how much I love you. This love means many things to me but at the same time it means one thing - You. I cannot elaborate more so that I could explain more that you have to believe that I'll be always yours until you want me to.You know I waited for you and you proved that good things come to those who wait. I didn't fall on disappointment, I was just so overjoyed. I've been waiting for someone like you, doing the things that you do, saying the things that you say and every little thing that you do, you do it best. For the past days, you did your best to show me that I could trust in your love. I hope you'll always feel that I'm doing my best with you, that I'm trying in every way to show you every day that I really love you, so much. I hope this love is more than enough for you to stay with me. We are young, our story is young too. I know it is so early to talk about forever but we both have long term plans for us. I am so hopeful, we always have God by our side so we are assured that everything's gonna be alright. I still have many more to say but not more than enough things to do to prove my love for you.

At this moment it feels like undying, unending, forever. Forever is a dangerous word so I think let's use the term 'a lifetime'. Let's make this last for the rest of our lives.

Seryosong post to.. haha... Char char naman! wushu... XD


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