Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Something in me has to die

Just like my interpretation of a dream, something in me has to die. I was not really sure what exactly it is so I thought that 'something' is my bad attitude. I think everyone should do that. My procrastination, unable to forgive easily, pride and vanity should diminish as soon as possible. But this morning, I added one thing on my list - my 'being too close'. I think it's a part of me, I'm being too close to some people, well, perhaps my friends, guy and girl friends, well.... But I'm just like that. I can be too close without really feeling anything. I know I have to cut it out. I'm no eligible college easy going floozy gurl anymore. Something has to die, something.. something.. And this is what you call beautiful death. :D


---- This song is awesome :P ----


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