Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dipolog City Cathedral
Disclaimer: the photo is not mine. It is owned by setholiver1 you can view it here.

I can remember Aga Muhlach saying, in one of his interviews, that he wants to be a good shepherd to his children.I think that's what ALL parents should want. I can see parents now, especially the young ones, that forget their moral obligations with their kids. These kids know nothing when they were brought up to this world. They are just mirrors of their surroundings. If they see or do bad things, they'll never know how bad it is until you tell them. Parents should be a constant "behavior straightener" to their kids. Simple naughty things like spanking their yaya/nanny is NOT OKAY. Most of the parents, as I observed, ignore this stuff. They should always be aware that every little manifestation of bad behavior builds up to a greater bad attitude.

One more thing, parents should teach their kids how to celebrate mass. Bringing your kids to attend mass is very okay but it shouldn't end there. They should also know how to CELEBRATE mass. This is by behaving properly inside the church, saying responses, singing with the choir, listening to the sermon of the priest and trying to understand the message of the mass. Some parents/guardians ignore their kids when they play inside the church, running down the aisle and shouting with their playmates. They should emphasize to their kids that the church is not a playground. Playing there,   in whatever sense, is NOT OKAY.

I'm not a parent so I really don't know what it feels like and why do they fail in these things. But when I become one, I promise to inject good values to my kids. This will serve as their strong foundation when they grow old. When started young, good virtues will not easily fade. I swear I will do my best to be a good shepherd to my kids.