Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Il bel far niente - The beauty of doing nothing

At Dakak Park Beach Resort
Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte

I was surprised when I watched Eat, Pray and Love when it was mentioned that Il bel far niente is an Italian expression and, I think, a tradition.This phrase means "The beauty of doing nothing". The book says that the Italians mastered this beauty.

I remembered my past in an instant,how I should work hard in my early days in a private school full of rich brats and braggers. I also remembered the highschool years and college years when I have to stay on top. But on the latter years of those years, I stopped.

I stopped crawling through the tree to reach "the top" because I realized that there's nothing there. Instead, I rested on the grass and ate. I crawled on the leaves and ate. I rested my self because I thought that I have to, without knowing why. That moment felt like making a cocoon, I thought of how beautiful it was. People looked at me and asked why I'm doing nothing in my life, that I was living an easy life of party (which is not true). They didn't realized that I was just contemplating, meditating throughout the day and night. Those moments kept my sanity. I was at ease and, somehow, happy. I was contented.

I thought it was being lazy but I proved to my self that it was exquisite to do that. I rested my worries in life though, sometimes, it comes back to me. When I'm hurt, I cry. When I'm mad, I don't speak. I run to some place and do nothing. During vacation, I rest, I do nothing.

Restlessness only comes when I worry in life but I'm decided to divert this pessimism. After a long hardwork, it is best to rest. It's much better if you rest with your loved one and both of you gets a chance to enjoy Il bel far niente, like I did with Tiani on our holiday trip. :)

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