Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dear Tiani

Dear Tiani,
I know I dont have big boobs nor big butt, neither a model-type body. 
I'm not tall, I can't afford tall shoes or tall sandals and I won't get any taller. 
I won’t even get sexier through time. 
My hair isn't always in place and my clothes aren't always in fashion. 
I easily get irritated sometimes and I start petty fights without reasons. 
I can get so stubborn, insecure and bossy, we know that. 
I can say harsh words, curse a lot and even raise my voice at you. 
I can get jealous with non-sense things and you may not understand my reasons at all, ever. 
My smile isn't perfect and it's not even the cutest. 
My skin isn't flawless and it's not the softest. 

But if you stay with me, I promise to treat you as my king. 
I promise to give you the best of me, every little BEST part of me.. everything.. everything... 
And these little things - they won't even matter.



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