Sunday, February 20, 2011


How I spent my bday

I celebrated my birthday last February 19 in Woodland Resort, Zamboanga City. But before we went there, I got an amazing surprise from my love, Tiani, in my apartment.

He went to the apartment carrying an arranged balloon. I was so surprised! I didn't know he could be supper sweet and romantic. I mean, he's always thoughtful, caring, sweet and romantic but this thing is awesome! He said that he's supposed to wear the Spongebob party hat, knock on my door and shout "Surprise!". But then, this didn't happen because I opened the door even before he knocked. He can't blame me! I've been waiting for him for hours so when I heard him coming, I immediately opened the door! :D

He also gave me a love letter he personally wrote(or should i say typed), designed and printed. What he wrote there brought me to tears, literally! I'm overjoyed! It's amazing because he kept the letter simple yet very real. I felt that it was coming straight from his heart, it was so touching. Another best thing is that I know I'm the first and only girl that he'll ever treat this way. I am so happy!

After that, we went to the resort. I've been surprised, again, that he bought a cake for me. I didn't prepare for a cake because he said so, but then, he's got a cake for me! And it was spongebob! He's so amazing. :D

I love my fiance, my man :)