Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Why tomorrow is not a day

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Today is April 27, 2011

Tomorrow is not a day. It is nothing. It doesn't exists or even if it does, it will be forgotten like it never happened at all. For four months now I've constantly seen and touched an angel. There's not a day that I don't hold his hands. At night, I held him close to me and whisper to his ears I love him. The reply? It's the sweetest. Tell me how could something exist if it doesn't have an importance? Tomorrow is no importance at all. It will be like a bug on the street that no one notices. It will be like a mosquito that, after a millisecond of landing on my fair skin, will be squashed to death. It will just pass by, motionless.

It will be the day not spent with him, just one day, a 24-hour of agony. It will be dark like a night. The day after that will be dawn... afterwards, sunrise. It will be filled with happiness because I will see him again. That day, I will touch his hair, hold his hands and I will tell him how much I miss him. The very moment that he arrives, it will be noon. The sun will shine up in the sky like how all sunny days are portrayed. Even though it will set, I'll be having no fear of the night because I know that he's here and he will whisper to me words I'd love to hear.

Or, perhaps, tomorrow is a lazy day.
No, it's not easy tonight..neither tomorrow night..  
I miss him so much.
I love him so much.
From the deepest, strangest and wildest muscle in my heart,
I swear this beats only for him.
xoxo Tiani xoxo

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