Sunday, May 29, 2011


Wedding at Dawn

Last Saturday, we attended my fiance's cousin's wedding reception. Things went absolutely great there! The wedding and bridesmaid's gown designs are great. Not to mention the lovely theme, yellow, which is our favorite color. The best thing is the TOSS during the reception. Wedding garter and Bouquet tosses are wedding traditions worldwide with different interpretations. That time, the tosses were made by stop - dance. The bachelors (first) and spinsters are called in-front to form a circle and pass around the garter and bouquet, respectively. Whoever holds the garter when the music stops is considered the winner. Well, with fate and destiny amongst us, my fiance got the garter and I got the bouquet, it was the sweetest! I was thinking that it could be a signal to them that we are, really, getting married soooooon. That event excites us to get married really soon. He told me that he wants to get married at dawn, madaling-araw in Tagalog, because it marks a new day, a new beginning for all of us. It was so sweet. But, wait, a 5:30 am wedding? I've got to wake up at 3am! We already have a vision of how it's going to be. All we have to do, first, is tell our parents about it. (It's not like they read my blogs). Then we have to set out the formal plan according to our budget. I'm excited with my gown! Ha!Ha!

Spoiler alert:
Year: 2012
Church: Sinunuc (the glass church above the hill overlooking the sea, isn't it sweet? :D)
Theme: yellow and yellow and yellow and gold :D
Car: Volkswagen White Beetle :D

My fiance and I


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