Monday, June 20, 2011


My Tiani's got a blog!

I'm surprised to know, by accident, that my ever dear loving love has a blog! The blog contains some of the poem he wrote for me. The first poem he wrote was for me but he didn't post it there. You may check out his blog here: I didn't think he wants to expose the site because it is like baring him. But what's the point of putting it up there if no one will read it? :P [If he asks me to remove this post, I will.]
I'm so flattered that Xtian made me a poem. You know, he's not the kind of guy that writes about something because he just thought of it. Most writers put up a story because they think it would be nice to do so. Girls write a lot but most of their writings are empty pieces of paper filled with good words scanned from the dictionary aided by the thesaurus. Xtian - he's not a frequent writer, especially not a poet. He's not gonna write it unless he really feels it. What amazes me more is that I'm the the first and only woman he dedicated a poem for.

We're heading one year now. This is my first time to be with someone for a year because I'm the kind of girl that cannot be contained, not until I met him. I want to spend years with him. I always thought I'll never have it but he came... He came to me like a dawn through the night, shining like a sun. I knew it, it's him. We're grown ups. We know what we're doing. This is not the highschool - college thing. This is real.

Ugh, enough of the drama.

This is the poem he made for me:

To love you,
Is all I want to do.
To be with you,
Is a wish come true.

Been looking for you,
Since day one 'till two.
Met some up to day twenty-two,
But none of them was you.

You're mine now and forever,
I'm with you in whatever,
Let's make this commitment on pen and paper,
With GOD as our witness to keep us together.

 This is not our wedding invitation. Though we already finished designing it, I'm not gonna post it yet. 
This is one of our design inspiration which is far from the final design we did together.

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