Friday, August 5, 2011


My fiancĂ© and I are huge fans of ice creams especially those in 800 ml containers. We’re always store – hopping in search of ice cream flavors (because one store doesn’t have all the flavors that we want all the time). However, lately, I’ve been losing my freakin’ faith in some grocery stores in Zamboanga City due to spoiled ice cream products we discovered. We found out two stores here that sells pre – opened ice creams. They are: LB Supermarket and Joan’s Pharmacy (Nunez branch). So how did we know that the ice creams were pre – opened? Because, they were.

Once, we bought an 800ml Selecta ice cream in LB supermarket. When we reached home and opened it, we were surprised to see that it looked like, kinda, not normal. There were these weird frozen bubbles inside. It looked like someone had eaten them, failed to finished the whole container and put it back inside the freezer. It looked gross but we ate it  anyway because we love ice creams! :P It still tasted good anyway. Days after that, we went back to LB Supermarket to buy again because they have wide array of ice cream flavors there. Before buying, we checked the 800 ml Selecta ice creams, opened them and compared them to each other. Some ice creams are already half the container! Well, I don’t know what caused it but those ice creams are vulnerable, they don’t have safety seal that says “don’t eat if seal is broken :P”.

Then, just last week, we went to Joan’s Pharmacy Nunez ext branch,they have very poor customer service (no offense). We bought a Nestle 800ml ice cream there. We are confident enough that they weren't wrecked because Nestle products are sealed. But, when we arrived home, we found out that there’s something wrong with the seal. It freakin looked broken and re-attached. When we opened the container, there was this same disgusting ice cream appearance. We were so disheartened. Just kidding. We were not just disheartened, we were cursing and delirious. How could they do this to us! Schoopid ice cream! Anyway, we still ate it and still tasted good. But we know it’s only 3/4 of what we should’ve consumed. Anyway, that’s life, we learn lessons from everything. Next time we buy, we know we have to be smarter and check the products first. So, you should do the same. Never trust stores completely. Check the if the seal is broken and expiry date. If the products looked suspicious and busted, drop 'em.

Well, I don’t mean no harm to the stores and brands mentioned above. I just want to share my experience. These things are real, no fabrication, although I cannot present any evidence because the products were already consumed. I am not really sure if those ice creams were spoiled but they just don’t look normal, as in the normal ice creams that we usually buy from other stores.

Anyway, you may buy genuine ice creams from these stores:
Cecile’s Pharmacy (all branches)

I don’t say that these are the only good stores but these are where we've bought good ice creams.