Thursday, March 29, 2012


If Manila is a girl, I would tell her: "I thought I knew you". I missed this place and I just want to continually miss it so I'm moving out. It's just another empty bottle floating out into the ocean. It's just something called chasing cars. We literally chase cars here. Hehe!

The best part is, My Tiani got to meet my folks. I could say that he got so well with them. They like him! Another best thing that happened is that we had the chance to build our relationship and bring it to the next level. We proved to ourselves that what we have is strong.. stronger than what we thought.

I just still can't believe that we're having our second year. It was like, "me? being spontaneous for a long time?!". I still can't believe myself but I'm so HAPPPPYYY this way. At last, someone that I can call MINE. Someone that can contain me. Someone to reason out my existence.

Love doesn't end when the sun falls down, it only gets a better beginning. :)