Friday, June 8, 2012


How reality works

Sometimes I feel insufficient, sometimes I feel so weak. I want a perfect life where we don't have to worry about anything anymore. However, as you spend your life with someone you want to keep forever, you realize that this doesn't happen... sometimes. Just realized that it's all about ups and downs. It's not how many times you were down, having not much money, having difficulties understanding each other, having work-related problems, etc, but it's all about how you stayed together at those moments. Sometimes you just want to break-down and leave everything behind but you realize that's not the life he wants. He wants to fight, he knows everything can be solved, so why don't you?

All I know is I am lucky to have a man that could stand through pressure. He's like strong wood that doesn't burn when you iron. There's nothing to worry about but how to keep him happy and contented. Because if you break-down, he might think he's not enough to keep you up.

Girls, ladies, women should be strong because behind all great men are great women.


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