Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last time, I made up my mind of leaving this blog because I don't always blog that much anymore, there's nothing to blog about (really). Right now I'm keeping things in private.

We'll anyway, it has been some time and I'm being more stable, happier and contented. It's been two years and one month since my romantic inclination with this person called Xtian. :))

It was like, this is the real life, this aint no fantasy I have since a kid that I'd fall in - love with a guy who works at night to kill people. There's a slim chance for that and if ever it happened I would've got bored.

This time, it's reality, I got bored - yes but at the same time - NO. This is me at my finest.

Back to the blog - yah, I can't leave it for now, this is a big part of me where I spent almost half of my life (it seems like). In case you wonder what's my new blog would be, it's

Have a happy life and see you soon Zamboanga!