Tuesday, December 11, 2007


He is my Obsession


He is my obsession
He smiles
But questions are drawn in his eyes,
He doesn't attend his classes regularly
Maybe some would sa he isnt friendly
He posts as he says he's one minority
But I can feel, and I just love, his vanity.
He wears simple shirts and jeans and
shoes or slippers trying to look dirty,
But damn, he looks like a stellar angel
on disguised simplicity.
What he is not is what I don't have to need,
I'm just a poor girl who was amazed on what he did,
He writes, I read, and then again he writes as I read,
I oppose, I rebel, but I still follow
when he takes the lead.
Everyhing I am is not enough to let me be on his side,
I stop my self wanting to be with him in shadow suicide,
I tried to turn away and stop wanting
but it hurts more if I hide,
Because he won't be there to find me
with the truths that I lied.

I want him, for once I know I'm sure of that,
What he wants is someone I am not

You know how it feels like, what it is to crave, right?
I don't have to ask him to give any light
Coz if we collide in darkness just to win the fight
I'm willing to surrender myself all throughout the night.

He - my obsession.
There are lot of things that I want to mention
But for now for a better direction,
I'll end up my hidden invitation.

*damn, my valentine, help me forget you :(


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