Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is My Elowvi Skatepark ^^, still under construction though

i will update again tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our thesis is still on going but last night I got so bored with it so I started designing my Skate park. haha

I was just trying to familiarize Google SketchUp :)
But I really plan to build a skate park if not on my backyard then somewhere else where skaters dont have to skate on streets. nyahaha what a vision!

top most view

Other views:

Front view.. Guess where's the entrance.. haha

Oh, well...This is just a one big crap crazy park...
effect of boredom.. whatever! :D
I'm new to Sketch up! I cannot control the elements.. huhu

Anyway, I'll update this model sooner.. :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please feel free to browse my older posts :) I'm not posting new stuffs right now because of our pending thesis problem... :)



Saturday, April 11, 2009

(i shoot the bird ;P)
[Tips for the making]

Poem - if it's not from the heart,
Dont waste your time writing it.

Baby - if you're not yet married
This is not for you to make.

House - if you cant make it a home
Stop planning about it

Friendship - if you can't comply to the standards,
Learn to comply first before making it.

Love - if your're not yet married,
Dont make it, it's a SIN.

wala lang =)


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I mean, it's you that i think about
from the sweetest dream of teenage love
to the most intense love affair,

I mean, I want to be with you
lying on the grass on a sunny summer
or inside a room on a thunder storm,

I mean you give me inspiration
effortlessly, you make me strong,
that everything will be alright,

I mean I can take all the risk
as long as you are here by my side
let us do this for the taking,

I mean you are so important
that my world revolves around you,
and my world is you

I mean you are so special
that my plan for the future
is a future for the two of us,

What i really mean is I'm in - love with you
there's no other way to say it
and I hope you get it.

**This is an instant poem, the words just popped out of my head.
Before, for no person in particular
but now this is for my Xtian**


these are images of the Zamboanga city cathedral i took and edited. Just wanna post here :)
Visit my deviant art account:


Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello! I miss blogging.. hahaha.. I am so busy right now because the deadline of our system is past approaching. The image above is a screen shot of my desktop. Never mind the sidebar on the left. By the way, that sidebar is a free application from GOOGLE. It is called Google sidebar. HMMM...
And so we are still developing the system using Java Language, Netbeans as our IDE and MYSQL as database application.
May God help us! [back to work again] :)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

(this is my new wallpaper, photo taken and edited by me)

LUCY I'm in - love

I've spent my days trying to forget you
The more I try,
The more I can't
And the more it hurts (char*).
You know it's okay,
That I'm not okay..

I dont wanna stay here
I've been trying to move on
For so long now
Still, I'm trying
I dont know if I'm lucky
Or unlucky.

Im f**king tired of playing
It's no fun at all
When my heart's at stake,
I'd rather die
And say goodbye
Not emo, not emo.

I know Im not everything
You ever wanted
You ever needed
Same to you, so f**k it
Stop it, stop it.
I did my time.