Friday, November 19, 2010


The Lover and Life

I've read a lot about love, have read enough about life and I realized that it takes an actual contact with it to really believe in such. Love – what is it really like? For years, I am convinced that I never knew what it's like. More than a relationship struggle, I had personal struggles and was always trying to fix myself. I was so in-love with no one else but me. But, still, I was so eager to share it with someone “worth it”.

Everything about it was just for the label. There is no such thing as love or life until you experience it.

I traveled this life alone, searching and waiting at the same time for that “someone”. This made me independent, strong and virtuous. I met some, knew some, wanted some but still there's something missing. Now, I am finally believing that there is really that “someone” who you feel will complete you and make you say that “Good things come to those who wait”. I'm drowned in this concurrence, it just feels like it's the first time.

Oh life, I'm loving it. Now I don't have to eat alone, go to work alone nor sleep alone. I don't have to continue living this life by myself, thinking about me and how to enhance my self. I don't even have to be used of being alone. I was independent and strong. I was a strong flower but now I feel weaker knowing that there's someone I can't live without. Nonetheless, I'm loving everything about this. This is my life now - My Love.

I'm keeping faith, I don't want anything to ruin this. I keep on praying that God will continually bless us and keep us together. The Lord is my strong tower. With Him, I surrender everything. If people will make the Lord as their point of reference in their relationship, they will be blessed. The Lord will help them to be together, forever, no matter what. That's what we are trying to do right now...and just feels right. :)

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