Friday, July 18, 2008



only words could say, only words could understand.
if i give you a flower, will you hold my hand?
words unspoken are the sweetest of all.
so dont ask me why cant i speak without a fall.
if these dreams are made when i close my eyes,
and if these dreams would make me believe these lies,
then let me take you to a sweeter place.
sooner or later you’ll gonna miss my face..

goodbye for now.

* demmit..
I thought of giving him a white rose. I dunno why!!! I just sooooo want him. I've been wanting him for, like, 2 years now. I really want him, he's all the art I wish I could have. I remember the first time we stared at each other. Our eyes met, but our worlds cannot. And he was there, at a distant. Each time our roads crossed, our eyes met. He looks at me, he f***ing looks at me, even stares at me, smiling. And come to think we do not know each other. This went on for years. But I know he can never be mine, I can never be the art that he wants to work out with. I want him, I dunno if this is love. I don't know. My bestfriend said that it'll only be a waste of time giving him a flower. So i just sit here, staring at him, wishing he would be mine. My valentine, when will I ever forget wanting you?


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