Monday, August 17, 2009



Harder than you know
Drawn in MSPaint

After 2 months,
I attended a Roman Catholic mass again
Last sunday.

I felt more unsure of life.

By the time that we have to offer a "PEACE" to each other,
I held back, I really held back
Because I cannot say "Peace be with you"
Because I cannot give what I do not have
No peace.. no peace...

I have never been with the person that I really want
I've been with the people that wants me
But I don't want them enough.

I am tired of being what I SHOULD be
I just wanna be what I want me to be
But they will get hurt - mom, dad, bro..

I am lost.
And that mass just made me realize
How hard it would be to come back home.

Lord, are you there?


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