Monday, April 25, 2011



Do you believe in incarnation and reincarnation? I DON’T. Not until I met him.

Last time we met, he’s got wings and I’ve got roots that were stuck in a muddy soil. They call me wildflower but I didn’t even know what that meant. So there he was, flying from one flower to another. He always came my way but he never stopped to greet me. All I can do is I look up on him as he covered the sun with his beauty. Time passed by and I withered. I have not seen him for a long time before I died and I’ve heard he already went to the next stage, ahead of me. This stage cannot be accessed by any other means but death. So I laid my head back down and surrendered myself to the soil. It ate me but it can’t eat the soul that’s dedicated to him. I promised to myself that on the next stage, I’ll be a good girl so I could gain him.

It was after 20 years or so when I met him again. At first I didn’t recognize because of the absence of wings. We were sanctified member of an eminent colony that gathers 8 hours a day and 7 times a week in a structural box. For some time, we talk, we walk, we chat and we laugh. We do the same stuff such as producing miscalculated artifacts to make people lazy. We make them sit on their chairs as the package we give them will do the work. As time passed by, I slowly realize that it was him. “I finally found him”, I said to myself. This time I could walk to him, I’ve got feet. This time I could talk to him, I’ve got mouth. This time he could look at me looking at him, I’ve got eyes.

I’ve been a really nice girl so now I’ve claimed my prize. He came to me, took me in his arms and declared that it was the greatest day of his life. I told him that every day is the greatest; every day that we're going to  spend together would be the greatest. Even the days we'll spend apart would be greatest too, because our bodies may be apart but our souls are tied dedicatedly.

So if you wonder how it came to be? I’ll just say that I’ve been such a good girl and he’s been such a good guy that we are allowed by the Greatest to claim our prize.

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