Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sonnet 5 Instant ^^, parang kape lang..

This sonnet was exclusively made for my Lit102 class where the teacher asks us to reply to Shakespeare's Sonnet 130

Thou said of all donkeys I'm the fairest
Other flowers rise above my wired head
But as soon bees fly to me from the west
You get shotguns to get them freakin' dead.
My hands - they feel like twigs ready to burn
Yet no day passes that you don't kiss these
Even if you have all reasons to churn
I am that someone you wont try to miss
Oh, dear, how immune you are of my breath
You have made yourself a barless prison
Infidelity, amongst us, not a threat
I am, and you are, loved for all reasons.
Would they dare ask if thou love me?
They're blind and it's only you who can see.

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